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  • Do I need my car servicing?
    Yes all cars need servicing , It depends on when it was last serviced and the mileage
  • Can I have my MOT before its due date?
    Yes within a month before without losing any time, 
  • Am I legal to drive my car if its failed a MOT?
    No you should not drive your car it if its failed
  • I've got a engine/emission light on, do I need it looking at?
    Yes it needs a electronic test 35 + vat to locate the fault
  • My car is pulling over, what could it be?
    First thing is to check your tyres and tyre pressures , if they are ok it needs to come in and lets check it out , it may be your brakes sticking , suspension or tracking
  • My car is making a noise when I press the clutch pedal
    It sounds like the release bearing is sizing , so it will need a new clutch kit
  • I'm losing water and have to top it up , will I do any damage driving it?
    Depends on how bad the the leak is , If it runs out of water and overheats you will do damage , so i would recommend getting it looked at ASAP
  • If my red oil light is on am I OK driving it?
    No you must pull over where its safe , and turn your engine off because it may do damage and be very expensive
  • Does the cam-belt/ timing belt need changing
    Yes we go on manufactures recommendations, but we do fit new tensioners and water pumps if the belt runs on them
  • If my brake pads need replacing do i have to have discs as well
    No but It all depends on the condition of the disc and the thickness , we always use manufactures specifications 
  • Will you inform me if i need any extra work
    We always try to contact you first unless aranged first

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